Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyFirstPass?

MyFirstPass offers parents a new level of assurance by sending cell phone text messages or push notifications when their student boards or exits a school bus.

MyFirstPass provides desirable information to parents, including:

  • Boarding/exit time and location
  • Current location of bus
Is the MyFirstPass application user friendly for all smart phones and tablets? Are there any cell phone carriers that do not support the technology?

The MyFirstPass Android and iPhone/iPad apps can be downloaded on any device that accepts apps from Apple App Store or Google Play. Text messages can be sent to any device that will accept messages.

Does MyFirstPass tell the parent the stop address of where they get on and off?

Yes, the information that is sent to the App (Android and Apple) as well as the text message will indicate whom, when, and where a scan occurred. The web application and the MyFirstPass App will also show a map where it occurred.

What are payment options for MyFirstPass?

We offer monthly & annual payment options; prices vary by school district and are displayed during the registration process once a district has been selected.

What methods of payments are accepted for the MyFirstPass application?

All major credit cards are accepted.

What if I have more than one child?

We offer both a Single Student Plan, and a Family Plan that allows you to add multiple students for one fixed price.

How would a driver know if all the kids have swiped on/off the bus? Is there a notification to the driver?

When a child scans the card on the ZPass reader, there will be an audible beep to indicate it was a successful scan. In addition to this, when the card is scanned, the light indicator will will change from blue to green.

Are there any possibilities of security issues around the child's information on the cards?

Our cards only have an RFID number on it, without any information about the card holder. This ensures that if the card is lost or stolen, there will be no risk of any personal information about the child. Districts may decide to add a photo for ID purposes if you choose.

What do we do about lost/stolen cards?

This is a decision that must be made by your governing board.

Is there notification if the child gets on the wrong bus?

Because the same bus is not always used for the same route, this would be a daunting task for any system. However, if there are zones within District boundaries, cards can be color-coded as an indicator to the driver that the child is on a bus going to that zone.

If we are managing our ridership electronically, what happens when a child forgets or loses their card and needs to ride the bus?

If a child forgets their card, the driver can log that information if it is a District requirement. This allows the appropriate party to address the issue and take corrective action so that it does not reoccur.

While the ZPass administrator could see what students did not scan by comparing the daily report with cards issued, it still would not tell them which student actually boarded without a scan.

The importance of card consistency and proper training cannot be overemphasized in the beginning. Remember that this is just another part of the paradigm shift schools and students are experiencing because of technology. Change is expected everywhere and ZPass will make everyone's job easier as soon as it is fully operational.