First Student introduces
MyFirstPass by Zonar

Peace of mind isn't bought. It's built. And at its foundation is the confidence gained by taking control. MyFirstPass gives parents the tools to track their bus-riding students with the same technology utilized by school administrators and transportation professionals, translated into an easy to use application for iPhone, Android, or SMS-enabled device.


MyFirstPass is a subscription service that provides parents with text or push alerts when their child boards or departs the bus. Or, log in and view your individual student's MyFirstPass profile on a secure, password-protected site. This takes the guesswork out of the bus stop and gives parents comfort in knowing their child got on or off the bus as scheduled.

  • Easily Access student's boarding and departing time/location.
  • Text and push alerts for iPhone, Android, and SMS capable devices.
  • Student personal information is safe and confidential, on a password protected site.
Comfort in Knowing:

Knowing when to step out of the way and put faith in a child's independence might be the biggest challenge a parent faces. MyFirstPass helps with the transition by providing a tool that increases their confidence - as well as yours. MyFirstPass loops parents into the ZPass system, giving them the same information as school administrators and transportation operators, all in real-time.

To Register
Select Sign Up Today and follow the online prompts to register your child for MyFirstPass service. In four short steps, you will be able to follow your child as they enter and exit the bus, in real-time.
Step 1: Sign Up
Enter your personal information to create your account, including information such as Email, Name, Address and Phone Number.
Step 2: Add Student(s)
Enter student information (up to six children) including RFID number, which is located on their MyFirstPass card.
Step 3: Subscribe for Service
Review account information and select plan type.
Step 4: Activate and Configure Account
Follow email instructions to gain access to the application, then configure your account including website, text and mobile app updates.